Masud Jazayir, or the Fortunate Isles, was a group of islands located along the northern tip of the Nada al-Hazan achipelago in the Crowded Sea. This group of islands represented the farthest outpost of Zakharans into the Crowded Sea.[1]


All of the islands within this group were low, rolling rock formations. Streams and natural springs fed their fertile vales. Many small settlements dotted the coast of Masud Jazayir.[1]


Many of the islands' inhabitants were descendants of outlaws, rebels, and other malcontents. They still followed the Law of the Loregiver, but abided by looser interpretations.[1]

Natives were call "Masudi."[1]


Inhabitants of Masud Jazayir produced almonds, sesame seeds, dates, sugar cane, grapes, pomegranates, citrons, figs, and cotton. Livestock was also kept in the form of goats, sheep, and cattle.[1]



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