Mathira Melarn was an Eilistraeean sword dancer from Ched Nasad who wielded the Crescent Blade.[1]


Mathira Melarn was a member of the Ched Nasadan House Melarn. There was a broken bust of Mathira in House Melarn's great hall. At some point, she joined the worshipers of Eilistraee and became a sword dancer. She wielded the Crescent Blade, a sword said to be created by Eilistraee for the purpose of destroying Lolth.[1]

Mathira was last seen in Harrowdale, making her way to Black Feather Bridge.[1] She was burned to death on the Cold Field by acid from a black dragon. She then became a ghost, who appeared to her descendant, Halisstra Melarn, in 1373 DR as she sought the Crescent Blade.[2]





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