Malaug, born Maulagadorn, was a human male warrior and wizard who created the malaugrym.


In the early days of the North, Maulaugadorn was a great warrior who created for himself a kingdom there, worshiping Tempus.

One day, his sister Alandalorne was caught by a strange illness. Maulaugadorn invoked his god and Tempus explained that his sister was a sorcerer and her powers were starting to reveal. Thus, Maulaugadorn wanted to learn magic, because in his mind he saw it as a new kind of weapon. At last, Mystra revealed to him a path to become a mage.

In time, he became a great wizard, eventually creating the malaugrym.[1]

He was the first human to explore the Plane of Shadow and from his experiences he gained great mastery over shadow magic. At the same time, he become an inhuman abomination (a proto-malaugrym).

During his exploration of the Plane of the Shadow he built the Castle of Shadows.

Later Malaug stated wandering the planes, and with his new powers he impersonated many beings. His offspring were the first generation of the malaugrym.[2]


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