Maurandyr was the head cleric of Helm in Hluthvar in 1359 DR.[1]


Maurandyr managed the House of the Guardian temple in Hluthvar. He was the strongest opponent to the spread of the Zhentarim in the Sunset Vale.[1]


In 1367 DR, the Zhent wizards decided to make a subtle attack and tried to drive out Maurandyr's psyche and take control of his body using various spells. His devotion to Helm still protected him but he was alone because many of his priests had fallen under the same attacks and were now servants of the Zhentarim. Only some hired adventurers helped him.[1]


Maurandyr was a valorous battle-cleric, an able general, and a formidable foe. However, the Zhent mind attacks clouded his mind, making him confused about his true enemies.[1]



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