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Mauzzkyl Jaezred was a drow-dragon (draa'zekyl) and the patron grandfather of the Jaezred Chaulssin as well as its founder.[2]


Mauzzkyl preferred use the drow form, appearing as hale old man with broad shoulders, a wide chest, and thinning hair forming a widow's peak.[1] His daughter Nurvureem was explicitly described as a black dragon with ties to the Shadowfell,[4] making her father Mauzzkyl's dragon form also that of a black dragon.


As a member, actually the leader, of the Jaezred Chaulssin, he gave reverence to Vhaeraun[5] but religion never ruled over him. Mauzzkyl at his core was a rebel, he could not tolerate any person, organization, or even deity who would claim power over him. This part of his personality showed in his hatred for his shadow dragon ancestors, and in his hatred towards Lolth herself, and also his refusal to turn the Jaezred Chaulssin into a private army of assassins of the church of Vhaeraun,[5][2]. He saw House Jaezred as a living extension of his will and was totally devoted to the Jaezred's ideals.[1]


Mauzzkyl was the driving force behind the Jaezred's assaults on drow cities during the Silence of Lolth. He supported Nimor Imphraezl's plan and also defended him in front of the other Patron Fathers for abandoned Syrzan to his destiny. He was also very pleasant with the success of Zammzt Everharn on Ched Nasad, dismissing as of no importance the semi-total destruction of that city[6] At the end of the Silence he was unhappy with Nimor's failure over Menzoberranzan and agreed about his demotion from anointed blade's position. Mauzzkyl however remarked to all his fellows that they had obtained great results in that time and they need wait for their next occasion to fight Lolth.[7]




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