Maya Do'Urden was the youngest daughter of Malice Do'Urden and a priestess of Lolth in House Do'Urden of Menzoberranzan.[3]


Maya was slender but strong, stronger than her brother Drizzt.[4]


Maya was the youngest of the three daughters of Malice Do'Urden.[5]

In 1297 DR, when House Do'Urden attacked House DeVir, Maya was connected to her brother Nalfein Do'Urden and felt the moment he died. She notified her family, thus saving newborn Drizzt Do'Urden, who was about to be sacrificed due to his status as the third living son. However, with Nalfein's death, Drizzt was spared, as he was then the second living son.[3]

Maya was involved in Drizzt's first test to teach him the way of the drow: Maya brought her "champion," Byuchyuch (a goblin transformed into a drow warrior]], to challenge Drizzt. Drizzt defeated Byuchyuch easily, but was forced to kill him. Maya then attacked him with her mace; he struck her back and was severely punished because males were not allowed to ever strike females.[6]


Maya wielded a mace and shield.[4]


Maya's mother was Malice Do'Urden and her father was Rizzen Do'Urden, the house patron.[citation needed]






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