Maztica, referred to by its inhabitants as The True World, was a large continent west of Faerûn. Maztica was a land of jungles and mystery.[citation needed] During the Spellplague, the continent of Mazitca was replaced by a continent that came to be known as Laerakond.[2] The continent apparently returned with the sundering.[3]


North of Maztica was Anchorome and south of it were Lapongo then Katashaka.[citation needed]

East MazticaEdit

Native kingdom subdued by the Amnians.[citation needed]
Native kingdom that paid tribute to Nexal.[citation needed]
The fort and port constructed by Cordell.[citation needed]
Gulf of Cordell 
This large body of water was adjacent to Helmsport and is named after the Amnian explorer.[citation needed]
Green Sisters 
Archipelago of islands where Cordell first made landfall.[citation needed]

South MazticaEdit

Far Payit 
A large jungle land with few settlements.[citation needed]
Sea of Azul 
A large body of water that separated Far Payit from the House of Tezca.[citation needed]
Narabatun Jungle 
Jungle in the northern part of Far Payit.[citation needed]

West MazticaEdit

The mightiest empire on the continent (in 1361 DR).[citation needed]
House of Tezca 
A large desert south of Nexal.[citation needed]

North MazticaEdit

A native kingdom to the north east of Nexal.[citation needed]


Early in the continent's history it was a land fought over by the gods Qotal (the Plumed Serpent) and his brother Zaltec. For a crime against his sister, Qotal retreated from Maztica for an age but returned in recent times. Maztica was also the name of the elder goddess who embodied the land of Maztica. Killed by her own son Zaltec, she was the wife of dead Kukul, but unlike her husband, continued to live on in the continued existence of the continent.[citation needed]

Maztica was 'discovered' by Amnian explorers led by Captain-general Cordell and his Golden Legion in 1361 DR. Amn was quick to lay its claim to the land for trade benefits, establishing the port city of Helmsport,[4] named after the deity Helm, some of whose followers began to migrate into the new land. The native peoples were devastated by foreign diseases and the ruthlessness of the invaders, and this, coupled with the difficulties encountered on Maztica backfiring against them, caused the church of Helm to come under heavy criticism. Lantan also claimed some lands. Some tlincallis from Maztica teleported to Oaxaptupa under Amn in the Underdark of Faerûn.[5]


Maztica was divided into the nations of Nexal, Kultaka, Huacli, Kolan, Pezelac and Payit.[citation needed]


The native people of Maztica from Payit and Far Payit were known as Payits, whereas natives from the other nations were known as Mazticans. There were also the human races such as the Dog People and the Green Folk.[citation needed]

Notable creaturesEdit

Many unique monstrous races also lived in Maztica, including:[citation needed]


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Further readingEdit

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