Maztica was the ancient mother of the maztican pantheon before she was killed by her son Zaltec.[1]


She was the epitome of fertile womanhood and therefore she was shown as a lush and full woman with a round and always smiling face. Maztica was also the land itself and a huge goddess, maybe greater than her husband Kukul. When she died, she became the world itself and survived in a kind of way in the land Maztica.[1]


Since she died she is ignored by most Mazticans of the more civilized type, let's say those living in cities. But she is still worshiped through lakes, streams, plants and those things who are earth-based even if they are the territory of other gods now. Her priests are similar to druids and have much the same powers and spells. Today her worshipers are mostly found among the shamans of the small tribes living in the wilderness. But they are widely spread over the True World. These tribes can be found from the deserts and among the Dog People in the north to the small villages in the jungles of Far Payit.[1]


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The Maztican Pantheon

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