The Maztican dragon, also known as the Rain serpent or Tlalocoatl is a dragon unique to the continent of Maztica. The feature that most distinguishes Maztican dragons from their kin in Faerûn is the fact that these dragons have two heads and no tail. One head is the head of a serpent and the other is a jaguar head. These dragons are usually bluish in color and have turquoise scales on the upper part of their bodies. [1]


Each head of the Maztican dragon has a breath weapon. The serpent head may breathe a cone of ice crystals and the jaguar head breathes a cloud of water vapor which can be scalding steam. Maztican dragons can also wrap themselves around an opponent to cause constriction damage. In addition to their other abilities, Maztican dragons have limited spellcasting capabilities.[1]


Maztican dragons aren't as covetous as other dragons but do appreciate valuable objects including cocoa beans, coral and gold dust. These dragons are often servants of the rain god Azul and help to bring rain to Maztica.



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