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Although most dragonborn follow no god Medrash heard the calling of Torm and became a paladin. Medrash is good friends with the warrior Balasar.

He was in Luthcheq when a vision from Torm alerted him to an evil presence that was committing murders. He helped the Brotherhood of the Griffon track down and expose the killers as abishai disguised as dragonborn. Soon after, the Tymantheran diplomatic delegation was kicked out of Chessenta and Medrash travelled back to Tyamanther.[1]

Upon arriving in Tymanther he found his native land under attack by Ash giants from the Black Ash Plain. Medrash helped to stop the giant's advance into Tymanther and then led the counterattack that defeated Skuthosiin and his giant army.[2]


Medrash has russet colored scales and piercings on his face that represent his clan.


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