Medusanna Mhairdaul was the high priestess of the Cathedral of Emerald Scales in Hlondeth as of the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[3]


Medusanna was a female yuan-ti abomination with a snake-like body and a human head with a mass of poisonous snakes instead of hair on her head.[1][3]


Medusanna was the epitome of yuan-ti society and vainly decorated her residence chambers with mirrors of various shapes and sizes.[4]


Behind a secret door in her chambers, she kept a portal to a place called the Pit of Vipers in the Black Jungles on the northwestern shore of the Lapal Sea.[4]


Although the Cathedral of Emerald Scales was dedicated to the beast cult of Varae, it was tacitly understood that Varae was an aspect of Sseth.[5] Medusanna administrated the Cathedral and kept ceremonies to Varae/Sseth, including ritual sacrifices, a constant activity on the main floor of the Cathedral. She was one of only two individuals that knew the extent of a large-scale breeding program going on in the catacombs beneath the Cathedral, the other being Ssibalentanamas, the First Keeper of the Sacred Eggs. An army of yuan-ti was being created, ostensibly for the defense of Hlondeth.[1]


Medusanna hated the relatively cool climate of the Vilhon Reach and her hatred spilled over onto most of the region's inhabitants. In turn, most of the priests in her charge and Hlondeth's ruling elite—the members of the yuan-ti House Extaminos—loathed her and thought her loyalties were directed elsewhere. She was particularly antagonistic to the ruler of Hlondeth, Dediana Extaminos, who was constantly trying to increase her surveillance of Medusanna's activities through a network of spies.[1]


Medusanna originally came from the Black Jungles on the Chultan Peninsula[1] and was a member of the Se'Sehen tribe.[3]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

It was widely believed among House Extaminos and the Varaen clergy that Medusanna was an agent of the ancient yuan-ti Serpentes empire that was based in the Black Jungles, her original home.[1]



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