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Clanless Mehen, formerly of the Verthisathurgiesh clan,[1] was a clanless dragonborn warrior who at one point found a home in the small village of Arush Vayem on the frontier of Tymanther.


In 1460 DR, Mehen adopted the infant tiefling twin sisters Havilar and Farideh, who were left in a basket at the village gate. In 1477 DR, Havilar was in a barn attempting to summon an imp when she accidentally summoned a cambion from Malbolge named Lorcan. Her twin Farideh was tricked by Lorcan into entering into a warlock pact.[2] When Lorcan returned to his home plane, he caused an explosion that leveled the barn and resulted in Havilar, Farideh and Mehen being expelled from the village.

After Mehen and his family were kicked out of Arush Vayem, they began working as bounty hunters. While pursuing a bounty on a Tormite priestess on the Sword Coast, they aided a caravan under attack by orcs and befriended a young runaway Tormite acolyte named Brin, who was traveling with the caravan to Neverwinter. Brin was the target of Mehen's bounty, who was attempting to return him to Cormyr. Brin convinced the trio that they should travel to Neverwinter and wait for the priestess to show up at the Tormite temple.

Later, in 1478 DR, Mehen, Farideh, and Havilar returned their bounty, Constancia Crownsilver, to Suzail through the Waterdeep portal. Due to a lack of funds, only Mehen and Constancia were able to make the journey through the portal while Farideh and Havilar remained behind in Waterdeep.[3]

In 1486 DR, Mehen, along with their daughters and Brin, returned to Djerad Thymar to participate in the preparations of the elections of the new Vanquisher, that were expected to be celebrated in 1487 DR.[4] Even when he was expelled from his clan, he was postulated as the candidate of the Verthisathurgiesh clan for the title.[5]




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