Mehmet al-Nassar was an elven theologian who lived in Hilm, the City of Kindness.[1]


Mehmet was an outspoken lecturer who condemned the actions of holy slayers. News of his preaching reached the ears of the Grandfather of the Everlasting, who decided to put an end to the heresy.[1]

A holy slayer disguised himself as a student, enrolling at the university where Mehmet taught. One day, the holy slayer confronted Mehmet in his private office under the pretense of discussing an issue. The slayer drew a knife and threatened to end Mehmet's life. After a brief struggle, Mehmet pleaded for his life to be spared. The slayer, seeing an opportunity, decided to spare Mehmet's life. A deal was struck between the two where the holy slayer would pay Mehmet on a yearly basis if he started preaching the positive aspects of brave Hajama, and Mehmet's life would also be spared for every year so long as he never condemned the holy slayers again.[1]



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