King Melandrach was the king of the wild elves of the Misty Forest and the elves leading the delegation to the Council of Waterdeep during the Tyranny of Dragons.[1]


Melandrach was the king of the Misty Forest long before 1344 DR. For a long time he opposed the Retreat, thinking it was a rash decision. His cautious nature proved a problem in his rapport with his more impetuous sons Neronvain and Alagrthas that ended with his son Neronvain being exiled. It was his prudence, however, that convinced the elves of his kingdom and of the High Forest kingdom to send him as their main delegate to the Council in Waterdeep.[1]


Melandrach was a very cautious and reflective ruler. True to his elven ancestry, he spent a long time thinking and pondering all options before making a decision.[1]




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