Melauthaur, also known as The Undying One, was the emperor of Melabrauth in Returned Abeir as of 1479 DR. He was a very old and powerful dracolich, and formerly a black dragon.[1]


As of 1479 DR, Melauthaur was more focused on ruling his lands than anything else. He left the day-to-day government to his "overdragons", dragon lords who he had elevated over their brethren. However, he was also interested in obtaining a powerful relic known as the Shadow of Ao, and he usually sent his dragon servants to search for it across Returned Abeir.[1]


During the Wailing Years, Melauthaur had to endure a fierce dragonborn rebellion on his lands that nearly killed a quarter of the dragon population of Melabrauth. Melauthaur had to intervene, and using powerful magic he learned from the Dawn Titans he was able to destroy Djerad Kusold and thwart the rebellion. Since then, he forbade his servants to have dragonborn slaves.[1]



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