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Prince Melegaunt Tanthul was one of the youngest princes out of his twelve brothers and a spy from Thultanthar, now referred to as the City of Shade. He had a barely above average aptitude in the magical arts, but was trained exactly like the rest of the princes and the secret kept safe on pain of death by order of his father, Telamont. What Melegaunt lacks in arcane aptitude, however, he makes up for in guile. He has a knack for deception, combined with a talent of false empathy, that makes him a formidable manipulator. There were few people outside the royal family that he could not win over with his combination of charm, good looks, and seeming sincerity. Indeed, he practically made it his life's work. It is believed that he tricked Galaeron Nihmedu into opening the Sharn Wall in Evereska thus unleashing an army of Phaerimm in Faerûn.

He died in battle against the second lich Wulgreth (of Ascalhorn) inside a pyramid in Karse Butte.

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