Mephasm was an pit fiend polymorphed into the form of an elderly half-elf, who was in the service of Ammon Jerro.


Mephasm was probably the most powerful of devils and demons in service to Jerro. Previously he was a servant of Prince Levistus, ruler of Stygia in the Nine Hells.

Mephasm helped save Shandra Jerro from the githyanki and later met the Kalach-Cha within Ammon Jerro's haven in the Sword Mountains, for the purpose of empowering the warlock. However, he broke free when Baalbisan convinced Shandra Jerro to spill her blood to undo the magic that bound the fiends to the haven, the last before Ammon killed Shandra.


Unlike the other fiends Jerro had in his haven, Mephasm remained relatively cordial and polite, even to Ammon. He seemed to be the most helpful to the party, even warning of possible danger to Shandra. As the fiends were freed by Shandra's actions, he commented to her that what she did was brave and foolish. When Ammon killed her in his rage, instead of taunting him, he simply chided him for the deed, seemingly disappointed by his rash assault. Whether this behavior was manipulation for an ulterior motive, or an unusual sense of kindness, was unknown.

Mephasm showed affection towards Neeshka if she was present, referring to her as "little Neeshka". If they meet in Ammon Jerro's haven, Mephasm commented that "blood attracts blood", hinting that they might be related.[1]




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