Merah was a chiang lung dragon in Shou Lung in 1358 DR.[1]


Merah resided at the bottom of the lake.[1] He must asked for forgiveness to all people that entered the cave[2]


The Celestial Bureaucracy created the Guar-Sar Caves as epitome of heaven. When a tribe of hai nu and a tribe of wong gua both asked to the gods to live inside the Celestial Emperor ruled that they must divided the area and Merah was chosen to oversaw about and settled any disputes between the tribes. In 1358 thank to the evil deeds of Governor Kawabi the hai nu and the wong gua went in war each others; the Celestial Bureaucracy tried to warn Merah but he was asleep at the bottom of the lake. Enraged the gods destroyed the two races and Merah was transformed in a ghost condemned to oversaw for all eternity this unholy place.[1]



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