Merap "Dead-eyed" was a member of the Company of the Anvil adventuring company in 1370 DR.[1]


Merap received his nickname "Dead-eyes" from his ugly appearance. His head was bald.[1]


Merap smiled a lot but always with a cold emotionless smile.[1]


Merap wore throwing daggers on his belt.[1]


Merap was the brother of Maera, the second in command of the Company.[1]


Merap and his sister were old allies of Bramas Thorntree, like all in the Company of the Anvil.[1]

In 1370 DR, he joined the Company, and together they recovered the Sondarr Scepter from a long-forgotten dwarven tomb in the Starspire Mountains. They had been ordered to maintain a low profile and, on their return journey on Uktar 10, stopped at the Blue Badger Inn in the village of Toralth for drink.[2]

Later that night, three dwarves, Bapar Ghalmrin, Odak Truesteel, and Soram Battlebellow, entered the tavern seeking the Sondarr Scepter. However, the dwarves accidentally engaged in a brawl with the Shields of the Highland adventuring company. Merap joined in the brawl. Bramas used the opportunity to escape with the scepter, but the dwarves eventually caught up with him and recovered it.[3]




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