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Mercenary barbarians were a special type of warrior found in Zakhara. In some ways they were the counterparts to mamluks.[1][note 1]


There were no special requirements for mercenary barbarians, but all hailed from the hills, jungle, or plains.[1]


Those who didn't have slave warriors (mamluks) often hired mercenary barbarians to do their fighting for them. As such, these warriors were considered a necessary evil. These warriors were awkward when associating with anyone not of their homeland. They were often strong fighters, but not as adept at fighting as a single unit as mamluks were.[1]


Mercenary barbarians had an unlimited amount of choice when selecting their equipment, as long as their purse could back up their selections.[1]

Special BenefitsEdit

These warriors were especially intimidating toward other human or humanoid natives of Zakhara.[1]

Special HindrancesEdit

Their bad reputation hindered these warriors when dealing with all not from their native homeland.[1]


Notes Edit

  1. Mercenary barbarian was a 2nd edition warrior class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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