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Merchant-rogues were businessmen and -women in Zakhara who also stole from their clients from time to time.[1][note 1]


Only thieves could be merchant-rogues.[1]


Merchant-rogues were traders first and thieves second. Business was their lifeblood. They could be found all over the entire continent of Zakhara. They often dealt in stolen goods.[1]


As soon as they could afford it, merchant-rogues usually flaunted their wealth with extravagant clothing and other equipment.[1]


Merchant-rogues were able to buy in bulk from suppliers, gaining product at a much cheaper price than the commoner. Owning a business provided them with somewhat steady income compared others, though they did have to pay taxes and deal with corrupt tax collectors. Business was their lifeblood.



  1. Merchant-rogue was a rogue class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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