Mergandevinasander was a black dragon that resided in Chult.[1]


Mergandevinasander had purple eyes.[2]


Mergandevinasander was hatched in 659 DR in Zakhara. While still a wyrmling, he was cast out from his mother's lair. He wandered the south for decades before he settled in the Chultan Peninsula. There he terrorized the inhabitants for hundreds of miles around him.[2]

After reading of Mergandevinasander in a book of dragon lore, Drizzt Do'Urden used the color of Mergandevinasander's eyes to briefly fool Hephaestus into believing that Drizzt was Mergandevinasander trapped in drow form, thanks to the drow's own violet eyes.[1]

Mergandevinasander was alive as of 1374 DR.[3]




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