The Merket Oasis, also known as the Merket Depression, was a large valley located in the Quoya desert in the Hordelands.[1][2]


Unlike a typical oasis, the Merket Oasis was not green or very rich in plant life. However, due to most of the streams in the Quoya Desert draining into it[2], the area had more plant life than the rest of the desert.[1]

The area was well known in Shou Lung for its vineyards and melons.[2] The grapes grown here were made into sweet wines, and fine raisins, popular at the banquets of the nobility.[1]

Despite being outside the Dragonwall, and the borders of Shou Lung, the empire kept a magistrate and a small garrison in the region, at the town of Kwachow, in order to protect the valuable foods grown here.[1]



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