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The Merket Oasis, also known as the Merket Depression, was a large valley located in the Quoya desert in the Hordelands.[1]

Description Edit

Unlike a typical oasis, the Merket Oasis was not green or very rich in plant life. However, due to most of the streams in the Quoya Desert draining into it, the area had more plant life than the rest of the desert.[1]

The area was well known in Shou Lung for its vineyards and melons. The grapes grown here were made into sweet wines, and fine raisins, popular at the banquets of the nobility.[1]

Despite being outside the Dragonwall, and the borders of Shou Lung, the empire kept a magistrate and a small garrison in the region, at the town of Kwachow, in order to protect the valuable foods grown here.[1]

Appendix Edit

References Edit

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