Merquam Pang was a human male fighter and a merchant based in the city of Xi Hulang in Koryo around 1357 DR. He was one of the most prosperous merchants in the kingdom.[1]


Merquam was middle-aged and of stocky build. He was missing an ear after losing it in a knife-fight, but suffered no loss of hearing.[1]


Merquam was intelligent and a shrewd businessman, but had no regard for morality or ethics in his trade nor who he worked with, caring only for profit. He was intensely jealous of his wife, and bore an irrational hatred of beggars.[1]


To advance his business interests, Merquam dealt in person with the leaders of a number of underworld organizations and yakuza clans.[1]


Merquam owned a mansion in Xi Hulang, an estate in the farmlands north of Bejung, shops in Koje and Tu Pe, and an inn and a pawn shop in the floating city moored at Tu Pe. He also owned a fleet numbering twelve ships.[1]


His wife was Mai Lan, a beautiful woman of Shou heritage, and he kept her cloistered in his Xi Hulang mansion.

He was known to secure the services of ninja, to hire foreign barbarians to serve on his trade ships, and employed a small army of guards to protect all his business holdings.[1]


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