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A message plate was a magic item that could be used to send a message.[1][2][3]


One message plate resembled a gold-hued disc, wide enough to rest on one's hand, with studs around the side. A glowing, colorless, animated image of the one who sent the message was projected above it. It made a plink sound when deactivated.[1]

Another was a silver plate with a mirrored inner part and runes running around the border. The recipient could touch certain runes to prove their identity and activate it. It played only a voice message.[2][3]


In the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, the wizard Parwyyd Hanifar sent a message plate with a false image of Priam Agrivar to lure Kyriani Agrivar to the site of the Great Door on the outskirts of Waterdeep. Kyriani believed it had been sent by Priam.[1]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Court Magician Vangerdahast posed as the poisoned King Azoun IV when he placed a voice message on a message plate intended for Princess Alusair Obarskyr. He had Laspeera Inthré deliver the message plate to Alusair.[2][3]


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