Message rings were magical rings that could be found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1][2]


These rings were used to record and send messages. A user spoke a command and could record any message lasting up to 60 seconds. When the command word was repeated, often by someone else, the speaker's face appeared on the ring's facet, and the message was spoken aloud. A message could be repeated three times before being emptied, upon which time a new message could be created. Command words could be changed by the speaker when creating a new message.[1][2]

Notable OwnersEdit

Prince Tannous al-Assad and his spymaster, Sa'id Firdawsi, made use of these rings with informants within their network of spies in Huzuz,[1] as did Jayani al-Jasir of the Corsair Council in Hawa.[3][2]



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