Mester Rauvaraudo was the majordomo of the Sign of the Shield inn located in Voonlar circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. He was known as Master Mester to everyone that knew him.[1][2]


Mester's most prominent feature was his sad, deep-set brown eyes. His hair was also brown and he sported a beard and mustache that was fading with age. He had small hands and delicate features.[1][2]


Master Mester was a mild man, but scurried about with alacrity as he supervised the dozens of people working in the inn.[1][2]


Rauvaraudo was a natural sorcerer but not very advanced. He only used his magic in front of other people in response to extreme emergencies.[1][2]


He owned a wand of hold person and a ring of the ram that he utilized when the rare brawl broke out, or a guest became completely unruly.[1][2]


Master Mester was in charge of the entire staff—nearly forty chambermaids, footmen, and cooks—of the Sign of the Shield, although he delegated most of the supervision to his two chatelaines, Amratha Shuldeiroun and Maeragra Duskwinter, while he saw to the menu, larder, wine cellar, and everything else it took to run a luxury inn.[1][2]



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