Mestrel Hawkmantle was an Harper bard.[1]


Mestrel in 1357 DR was very busy: he worked as guard for a caravan carrying Harpers messages from Baldur's Gate to Iriaebor, found a Thay spy in Iriaebor and foiling his slaving operation following the spy until Westgate, where Mestrel identified the spy's master and with help of a fellow Harper wizard from Suzail, read the mind of the superior before killing him. Thanks from the information gained Mestrel ruined a slaving operation thank to the adventuring party of the Shining Shield Band, some fellow novice Harpers and the deceived Pirates of the Fallen Stars, taking the free slaves to Yhaunn. Later in Sembia Mestrel saved a priestess of Tymora from robbery, helped fix a wagon, beat a bully and paid the debt of a veteran of the war against Lashan Aumersair, saving from debtors a widow in Saerb masquerading as her dead husband. Later he robbed and ticked a Cult of the Dragon cell, forcing them to battle the Zhentarim. later sold some Zhent agents in Hillsfar to Lord Maalthiir, unveiling a plot of Maalthir to capture some Harpers agents. In Vast Mestrel slew the evil independent wizard Rundleth Talhart but trick all in believing Rundleth a zhent, later saved 50 slaves in Earthfast Mountains from drow slavers. In Lyrabar he signaled to authorities a cheating merchant before sailed to Aglarond. Later Mestrel ruined a slaving business in Telflamm and after a trip to Rashemen he destroyed a bandit group near Murghôm. After he was hired as guard for a caravan directed to Kara-Tur but in the Glittering Spires the caravan was destroyed by vampire-led-brigands. He found there a ghost town full of ghoul and entered in a Gate[2]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Mestrel illustrated a "normal" year of activity of a Harper agent


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