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The Metahel were a group of people who lived along the lower banks of the Pasocada River in Maztica.[1] They were one of the seven major tribes of Mazticans.[2]


The Metahel tribes lived on the Pasocada below Raven Falls and along the coast where the river reached the ocean. They were extremely skilled at fishing and whaling.[1]

Early in their history, they constructed buildings of logs, but later they used mud and stone.[1] Their largest settlement was Lomaraj, near the border of Azuposi territory.[3]


The Metahel language was noticeably distinct from that of other tribes in the region.[1]


The Metahel traded their dried fish, whale oil, and shells to the Azuposi in exchange for their turquoise and grain.[1]


The Metahel moved to their current region a number of centuries ago. They had previously lived further northwest. At some point after migrating, they were at war with the Azuposi, but afterward a state of trade existed and the Azuposi influenced Metahel architecture, especially in Lomaraj.[1]



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