In the realm of the ideal, a single work of writing when read, will unlock the secrets of the multiverse, catapulting its reader to the heights of godhood. The pursuit of this work, known as the Metatext, consumes the deity Deneir and his followers. It is said that Deneir, a servant of Oghma the Binder, first achieved his position among the deities by glimpsing the merest portion of this text, and that the need to read the entire work gives him purpose. Deneir believes that the Metatext is reflected in the Prime Plane through snippets of every written work ever committed to paper. A word here, a juxtaposition of letters there, and (rarely) even entire sentences of particularly enlightened writing echo the ideal work.[1]

In 1385 DR, Mystra was assassinated by Cyric, with the aid of Shar[2]. With the death of the Goddess of Magic, the Weave began to collapse. Deneir, in an attempt to stabilize the Weave, somehow wrote himself and the Metatext into the Weave and was presumably destroyed.


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