Mezzoloths (pronounced: /ˈmɛtzlθzMETZ-oh-lothz[2]) were the most common type of yugoloth encountered in the lower planes.


They looked like humanoid insects covered in great chitinous plates. They had long, lanky arms and legs and wide, armored skulls. Mezzoloths had long, sharp claws that could cut through most non-magical substances.

They had a limited form of telepathy.


Mezzoloths were of a highly magical nature and had a natural affinity for magical items. They would prefer to use magical weapons and shields in combat, but would resort to their powerful claws if none were available. Their forms were muscular, and their hides could only be hurt by magical items of a decently powerful enchantment.

They were naturally immune to the affects of paralysis and poison, could not be charmed, and possessed infravision.


They were the lowest of the yugoloths. Higher yugoloths had no regard for these soldiers and used them at the front lines in battle. Due to their lack of intelligence, mezzoloths accepted their lot.

Mezzoloths tended to wander the lower planes, especially the Abyss, in search of souls to torment.





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