The Mhalogh was a minor noble[1][2] of the Jedea family[3] of Mordulkin in Chessenta.[1][2][note 1]

By 1356 DR, the Mhalogh was taken on as a lesser partner of the Dragoneye Dealing Coster based in Cimbar, and remained in that position past 1367 DR.[1][2]



  1. "The Mhalogh of Mordulkin" is only described as "a minor noble". The implication is that the Mhalogh is a noble of Mordulkin, but it is possible he/she acquired nobility in another location or was a born noble of another location who moved to Mordulkin. Mordulkin is described as a "family enclave" of the Jedea family, implying that, if the Mhalogh is a noble of Mordulkin, then the Mhalogh is of the Jedea family.


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