Mhezenter Mirilar was a human man living in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. He was worked at Rallogar Hardware but was also a thief.[1]


Mhezenter was a thin man with a beak-like nose. He feigned deafness.[1]


During the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, Mhezenter worked for Zendaros Rallogar at Rallogar Hardware, loading crates of goods. He slept in the store's attic at nights. However, he was also a thief, and spent his nights usually robbing local warehouses and caravans passing through.

He was available to train other thieves, if they could catch him and survive a duel with him, for a sufficient payment. Mhezenter shrugged off attempts to blackmail him, then attacked and fled those who might threaten him.[1]


Mhezenter wielded a slim, rapier-like short sword and darts, both of which he took to poisoning if he felt threatened. The poison induced sleep, but was old and lost a little of its effectiveness. He also possessed a necklace of fireballs (with a single use left in 1358 DR), and a ring of the ram, which he hid elsewhere in Wheloon, though he retrieved if in danger.[1]


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