Miilal Hydcont was a noble of Amn and a member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Miilal was the eldest sister of Lord Toben Rosznar and widow of the late Lord Hydcont, meaning that she controlled all the fortunes of House Hydcont, the Amnian branch of House Rosznar. Miilal was also the unofficial ruler of the city of Imnescar, which she controlled thanks to her money and personality. Miilal was also involved in the slave and poison trade.

Thanks to the power of the Knights, and considerable bribes, Miilal avoided most of the destruction caused by the Sothillisian War in early 1370 DR. She then got busy rebuilding her city but did not abandon her hatred of Lady Estrip Rosznar of Waterdeep, hoping to regain that noble title for her branch of the family.[1]



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