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Miklos Selkirk was an ex-adventurer and the founder and commander of the Silver Ravens.[1]


Miklos was known as a skilled negotiator, diplomat, and exceptional sword fighter. All of these skills came to play during the many duels of wit that Miklos engaged in, most often with Mirabeta, his father's cousin and his fiercest rival.[1]

Forming the Ravens after being unable to fully let go of his adventuring days, he spent most of his time directing their actions. Occasionally though, Miklos was called to the Sembian Council to peacefully negotiate with the drow, a race he had come to understand through their diplomatic styles.[1]


Miklos Selkirk had adventured around the Sea of Fallen Stars and the Moonsea, as well as in the Underdark.[1]


Among Miklos's possessions were a +2 keen rapier, a +2 defending dagger, a pair of boots of striding and springing, a ring of mind shielding, and a ring of protection +1.[1]


Miklos was the eldest son of Overmaster Kendrick Selkirk and the second cousin of the "Countess" Mirabeta.[1]


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