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Minauthkeep was the ruins of a former elven stronghold and base of operations for the drow House Jaelre in Cormanthor.[3]


Minauthkeep was located in the forest of Cormanthor. From a portal in Cormanthor leading to the Labyrinth, it was five days west to a small river, and from there, a day's journey south to Minauthkeep.[4]


Minauthkeep's ruined structures and crumbling foundations were covered in green vines and included a collapsed iron gate. They were made to look abandoned despite the inhabitants.[3]

Minauthkeep castle had a secret chamber behind a bronze mask of Vhaeraun.[5]


Minauthkeep was settled by House Jaelre between 1322 DR and 1372 DR after their exodus in the Underdark.[6] They desired to take over the ruined Elven Court and use its mythals to ward off enemies.[7]




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