Miniature giant space hamsters were one of the many variants of giant space hamsters that could be encountered across different worlds.[1]


According to Minsc, a miniature giant space hamster was a giant space hamster that had been miniaturized.[2] They were identical in size to regular hamsters.[1]

Like all giant space hamsters, they were not naturally evolving creatures, but were instead created by gnomes originally from Krynn. Gnomes experimented with giant space hamster breeding by mixing enchanted substances from a variety of monsters into the process, which produced several varieties of giant space hamster. Among those, miniature giant space hamsters were one of the more unusual varieties.[1]

These creatures were apparently quite intelligent and had the ability to talk in whispers, though most of the time they just made normal hamster squeaks.[2]


Unlike most giant space hamster variants, miniature giant space hamsters did not fill the ecological niches usually associated with large animals such as rhinos and elephants and were instead usually kept as pets.[1]

Notable Miniature Giant Space HamstersEdit

  • Boo, the only known miniature giant space hamster in Realmspace and the animal companion of the Rashemi ranger Minsc ever since his first head wound. However, as Minsc was quite addled, it was unclear whether or not his claims were true.[2]




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