Minser was a peddler in Sembia.[1]


Minser lived in the small village of Fairelm in shadovar-dominated Sembia.

In 1480 DR he went to the Abbey of the Rose to ask to heal a ill uncle of him, becoming a follower of Amaunator.

In 1484 DR, Minser traveled to the Dalelands and Cormyr before going back to Fairelm.

However, Sayeed and Zeeahd arrived in the village and when they discovered he knew about the Abbey they unleashed their pack of spined devils to slaughter all the inhabitants except Minser and Elle in order to force Minser to show them the right way.

Afterward, he out of fear agreed to show to Sayeed and Zeeahd the right way. So they decided to no need him more and unlashed the spines devils that killed him[1]



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