Mirandos was a priest of Helm who was sent to Maztica to convert the native population of Payit and Far Payit. Until she went rogue, Mirandos was considered an excellent missionary.

One of Mirandos's duties was to burn heretical native texts and while engaged in this activity she stumbled upon books that referenced the ruined city of Ixtzul and its guardian the Star Worm. Mirandos became convinced she could use magical means to control the Star Worm and turn it into a tool for Helm's greater glory. She went missing with a small group of Payit warriors and Bishop Devane commissioned a group of adventurers to track down her whereabouts and bring her back if possible.

In 1362 DR, she resided in Ixtzul and was attempting to complete the rite to wake the Star Worm.[2]


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