Miraun was a male human enchanter and the "diplomat at large" for Zhentil Keep and the Zhentarim in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


As required in his job, Miraun was an intelligent and charming person. Although he was quite competent, Fzoul Chembryl disliked him, and as Fzoul rose in power, Miraun's position declined. Miraun couldn't think why Manshoon tolerated Fzoul in the Zhentarim. He considered doing more work with Darkhold.[1]


Miraun usually traveled as an ambassador for Zhentil Keep, in which capacity he reported to various heads of state the official position of the Zhentarim.[1]


Miraun was a long-standing member of the Zhentarim and was their official envoy. In 1370 DR, his position began to decline as a result of Fzoul's dislike and own rise in status. Only his competent ambassadorial service shielded him from the worst consequences.[1]


Miraun was a bastard son of the noble Zhent Dannacaster family.[2]


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