Mirkazar was a protectorate of the Kingdom of Tethyr that contained most of the Forest of Mir.[1]


The Mir Protectorate was located in the Duchy of Suretmarch, south of counties Alonmarch and Surkazar.[3] It was the only region of Tethyr where humans were in control of large forests—at least in name.[1]


The druid Yuldar Llistiin was lord protector and count of Mirkazar, both before and after the Interregnum. He lived in Mistletoe Keep.[1]

During the Interregnum, however, the Mir Protectorate was ruled by Thenas Haddarm, former mayor of Kzelter, who captured Mistletoe Keep (then called Yuldar's Keep), soon after the Ten Black Days of Eleint. After Queen Zaranada came to power, he was beheaded, and control of Mirkazar was returned to Yuldar.[4]


Since the time of Strohm II, this region had historically been a military holding, for the greater defense of Tethyr. The soldiers there kept the monsters and dangers of the Forest and the Marching Mountains at bay. With the fall of Kzelter in 1370 DR, this put a strain on the number of troops able to keep watch on the woods.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The two fortified towns of Ithal Pass and Kzelter were located here, on the northeastern side of the Forest of Mir.[1]



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