Misker the Pirate Tyrant was a beholder smuggler king in Skullport.[1]


Misker was known to have a very creative mind in developing his smuggling routes. His long memory ensured that nobody who cheated him could escape his revenge.[2]


Misker managed most of the smuggling operations in Skullport.[2]


Misker's nickname derived from two of his eyestalks, which were always covered by eyepatches. Those eyestalks had unique abilities, which nobody knew for sure.[2]


Misker had directed his smuggling operations for a very long time. In 1370 DR, just after the death of his major competitor, the beholder Seirtych Xantaun, who was killed at the hands of the Xanathar, Misker retreated from most of his operation. He left it in the hands of his trusted underlings, and acted only as an advisor. He said he had decided to go into semi-retirement because he had enough money.[2]

In 1375 DR Misker relocated inside the Trobriand's Graveyard after escaping rapidly from an attack by the Agents of the Eye that destroyed his lair. He liked this location's abundance of mithril and decided to use it as his new headquarter. Misker was slowly rebuilding his organization to be ready for vengeance one day.[3]



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