Mistinarperadnacles Hai Draco, or Mist for short, was a red dragon famous for killing an abomination of the god Moander.[1]


Though she ate living creatures and kept a hoard of a treasure that she coveted like any other red dragon, she didn't enjoy killing just for the sake of killing or the joy of inspiring terror. She also valued entertainment more than her gold, gems and magic.[2]


Mistinarperadnacles' first recorded appearance in history was as part of the Flight of the Dragons, though she didn't have anything to do with Syluné Silverhand's death personally. She also accompanied Thauglor to The Passing of Power in -205 DR.[3] She fled in terror when Thauglor's throat exploded.[4]

Mist learned that destruction on such a scale was not the way she liked to do things.[2] She retreated to a lair in the Storm Horns, killing the younger, male red dragon to whom it belonged. From that base she launched attacks on merchants heading from Suzail to Waymoot for food and treasure for her hoard.[1]

On one of these caravans traveled a halfling bard named Olive Ruskettle. Mist would let her live as long as she could keep Mist entertained. Ruskettle was rescued by a tattooed swordswoman called Alias in a Feint of Honor in which she only narrowly defeated the dragon. Mist vowed to kill Alias despite the rules of the the challenge but never saw her again.[1]

Mist did find Ruskettle again, under the protectorship of a saurial paladin named Dragonbait. He challenged her to another feint of honour. Mist was defeated again but as she had nothing to lose she was instead required to aid the pair defeat the Avatar of Moander. The trio met the god in Westgate. He had taken the form of a huge mass of rotting vegetation and Mist had been badly beaten by the deity. She used her fire breath on Moander which ignited the flammable gases given off by his rotting body. The blast destroyed Mist and Moander's avatar.[1]

Mist's skull was later used by Victor Dhostar of the Night Masks as a scrying device and adviser. However, it seems that later it was also destroyed.[1]



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