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The Mistmaster was a very powerful illusionist and cleric of Leira living in the Citadel of the Mists in the High Forest and a senior member of the Moonstars in 1370 DR.[1]


Almost nothing was known about the Mistmaster and his dealings with Khelben Arunsun; some speculated that it was under order of Khelben that the Mistmaster destroyed Hellgate Keep with the Gatekeeper's Crystal. What was sure was that the Mistmaster oversaw the treant Turlang and reported to Khelben all news about activities in the High Forest and its surroundings.[1]He was in 1374 among the many powerful mages Arunsun brought together in order to restore the denizens of the lost city of Miyeritaar's High Mages and cleanse part of the High Moor.[3]


Blackstaff (novel)



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