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Mistshore by Jaleigh Johnson is the second novel in the Waterdeep series.

A rotting, ramshackle pile of sunken ships rigged together.

Home to the monstrous, the lawless, and the violent.

Even the Watch fear to cross into MISTSHORE.

Waterdeep is a city teeming with life. Thousands of busy people daily seeking to eke out livings in a wealthy crossroads port. In Mistshore, Jaleigh Johnson vividly brings that life off the page for every reader, taking us into the lives of some fascinating individuals who are part of the shadier side of Waterdhavian life. From the eerie, rotting ships in the city harbor to our first sinister glimpses of the neighborhood of Downshadow, Waterdeep comes alive.
Readers will remember Icelin and Ruen long after they finish this superb novel. A great read!
Ed Greenwood


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