Mavil was a hermit monk in the Great Glacier in 1491 DR.[1]


Mavil was a very typical hermit, disliking others and having trouble interacting with them. He showed himself to be a bit insane, constantly muttering, openly discussing things with himself, and commenting on others. Mavil was also nervous and jumped if people invaded his personal space. However, he was also a caring man.[1]


Mavil was a monk who, after training himself to endure the cold, decided to live as a hermit in the Glacier. He, however, had some friends in the nearby Monastery of the Yellow Rose, including Lana.[1] In 1491, Mavil saved Lana's life after she was injured by cultists who had infiltrated the monastery.[2] He persuaded her to go to Mulmaster to seek help. Some time later, an adventuring party hired to solve the matter asked for his help to enter the monastery without being noticed by cultists. He agreed only if the adventurers could pass a test.[1]




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