Mixtal was the high priest of Zaltec in Payit.[1]


In 1361 DR, Mixtal and the Jaguar Knight Gultec were tasked by Nexal high priest Hoxitl with the mission to capture and to kill Erixitl from the local temple of Qotal, despite Mixtal's fear of reprisal.[1]

They managed to kidnap the girl without anyone's notice, but when Mixtal was ready to deliver the mortal blow, they all saw the arrival of the Golden Legion's ships. Erixitl profited from their distraction and escaped, injuring Mixtal's eyes in the process.[2]

He hunted for Erixitl in the jungle behind the pyramid, gaining also the help of a column of warriors, but because of his poor eyesight and a hidden spell by Chitikas, Mixtal captured and sacrificed not Erixitl but Martine, the daughter of Domincus, the cleric of the Golden Legion.[3]

Soon, however, the pyramid was attacked by a squad of legionaries led by Daggrande and guided by Erixitl, causing Mixtal to go into confusion about how the girl was live again and why the strangers were attacking him. At this point, one of the Ancient Ones, Spirali, appeared and killed Mixtal for failing at his task.[4]




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