The Molten Throne was a magic throne used by Nar-Aidiya within Krak al-Mazhar—the secret fortress of the Brotherhood of the True Flame.[1]


The Throne sat upon a stone column in the Infernal Hall that measured 10 feet in diameter and usually sat 10 feet above the ground. The height of the column could be altered at any time by a mere thought from the Throne's occupant. The column could also rotate a full 360 degrees by using basalt studs found on the throne's arms. A blazing moat filled with ever-burning walls of fire surrounded the base of the column.[1]

The Throne itself was a translucent pillar of flame that appeared to be frozen in time.[1]


The Molten Throne was created by a tasked artist genie at the request of the Sultan of the Efreet, Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazan, to given as a gift to Nar-Aidiya.[1]


Whoever was seated upon the Throne was completely immune to all forms of fire. The occupant could cast ESP, chastise, and flame of justice at will. Once per day the Throne could be used as a rod of rulership, forcing the occupant's will upon their servants.[1]

Anyone sitting on the Molten Throne who was not a member of the Brotherhood of the True Flame was instantly blasted by a powerful flame strike.[1]

Every time the Throne's occupant used one of the powers there was a small cumulative chance that anyone who was not a committed worshiper of Kossuth would be turned to worship him, also turning them toward sinister behavior.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was believed that the Molten Throne could only be destroyed if attacked by the whirlwinds of 1,000 [[djinn].[1]



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