Monastic Orders are orders of Monks, usually devoted to a god or cause.

Most monastic orders are named after a flower which has particular importance to them.[1]

List of Monastic OrdersEdit


Broken Ones 
A monastic order whose monks are responsible for the defence of Ilmater's temples and shrines and seek to punish those who inflict cruelty.[1]
Disciples of St. Morgan the Taciturn 
A monastic order of Ilmater.[1]
Disciples of St. Sollars the Twice-Martyred 
A monastic order noted for the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, located in the Earthspur Mountains near to the Glacier of the White Worm.[1]
Followers of the Unhindered Path 
A monastic order of Ilmater.[1]
Order of St. Uzurr 
A monastic order of Ilmater based at the Cloister of St. Uzurr at Uzurr in Lapaliiya.[2]
Sisters of St. Jasper of the Rocks 
A monastic order of Ilmater.[1]


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