Mongrelfolk, or mongrelmen, were the result of an experiment by an accomplished wizard. The wizard had wanted to find a good replacement for doppelgangers, one that could be controlled easily. His experiment succeeded, and the mongrelmen infiltrators were born. They were able to take the shape of any being they ate, only the wizard didn't think far enough ahead for his experiments. The mongrelmen infiltrators were unable to reproduce with their natural genes, and instead their children were born with pieces of creatures they had shifted to throughout their services. Their offspring were also unable to shift their form. The wizard's name has been lost to time.[5]

Mongrelmen did not have one defined shape. They were known to have pieces from many different species at the same time such as; bugbears, bullywugs, dwarves, elves, gnolls, hobgoblins, humans, ogres, orcs[4] as well as crabmen, goblins, lizardfolk, minotaurs, and even satyrs.[5]

Their culture revolved around secretively worshiping a deity they called "The Hidden God". This was actually a twisted and warped image of their creator, the unnamed wizard. Mongrelmen also had a heightened sense of community.[5]

A community of these humanoids could be found occupying the ruins of Tellectus.[8]



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